3233 Ridge Road West, Rochester, NY 14626
Rev. Charles M. Roberts, Pastor
Worship Hour on Sunday Mornings is 10:00 AM

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Dear Friends,
We extend to you a hearty and warm welcome to a loving and caring church whose members typify Christian values. Our Faith Community provides an atmosphere for Christian growth. We have Biblically based sermons and effective lay and ministerial leadership. We provide warm and holistic pastoral care for members and friends. We are truly a church at work in mission and ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. We at John Knox are responding to Christ's love for his people and our commitment to Him. We find ourselves called to nurture spiritual growth through
worship, study and fellowship, and serve as Christ served by witnessing, sharing, and loving.
We hope you will participate with us in expressing your faith in Christ and thereby adding to our long, rich, Christian heritage.
We invite you and yours to seek out our Faith Community!

Sunday, September 10, 2017
Christian Education Rally Day and Communion Sunday

60th Anniversary Sunday and Celebration
Sunday September 24, 2017
Service at 10 AM and Luncheon at Braemar Country Club
W. Ridge Road at 12:15 PM
Reservations made through Church Office.
Cost for the meal will
be $12.50 per person.